Welcome to mathMETics


Welcome to mathMETics, the project which demonstrates the role of mathematics in weather observation and forecasting in a variety of enjoyable and informative ways. The lesson plans and activities are designed to be delivered in mathematics lessons during National Science and Engineering Week 2014 to students in years 9 and 12. There are a number of options available to tailor the activities to your requirements:

    Option 1: Years 9 and 12 working together – Including Observations: This is the recommended option, requiring observation equipment and collaboration between years 9 and 12.

    Option 2a: Year 9 working independently – Including Observations: This option will work as a stand-alone for year 9 students, requiring observation equipment.

    Option 2b: Year 12 working independently – Including/Without Observations: This option will work as a stand-alone for year 12 students, with or without observation equipment.

The required observation equipment will be a thermometer, compass and calculator. An anemometer for measuring wind speed is recommended but not essential. Full information on each option is available in the Information Pack.

Further Information

Follow the options in the navigation bar above to record and enter observations, investigate weather patterns across the UK and see how accurate the 5-day weather forecast has been. Information for teachers and project co-ordinators is contained in the Resources section.

General information regarding this project and a list of our partners is displayed on the About Us page.


Alexander Todd & David Leppla-Weber (University of Exeter)
Supported by EPSRC and CliMathNet